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Trough the sniffing night by SpikeTheFoxyYoshi

ok, know...i love yoshis(yoshimaster and spike are yoshi,so,i love those)so,let's start the critique:

vision:5 stars,for the background.yeah,i guess...i like the night...
originality:5 stars,for the colours and the story.READ IN THE DESCRIPTION...sorry for my rage,but i'm some nervous.
technique: 5 stars.yeah,i love spike...but i never see him crying...he let me sad and happy.and colours....what?i do that again?aww...damn replay.
impact:5 stars...again.:iconspyperplz:yeah,i do five stars rate on every critique,i know...and you know what i mean...

count of stars: 20/20 stars.yeah.i know.that's art need 20 stars for the best creations.that art is fantastic,really fantastic.and i love it.the creator is awesome.thank you,jerryt.don't stop create arts.way to go,jerryt.
The Artist thought this was FAIR
2 out of 2 deviants thought this was fair.


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